A Creative Combination: Making Pizzas with Chef Doug Flicker

Chef Doug Flicker Holding a el pizza

Sometime in 2010, we heard Doug Flicker was a fan. We were humbled to know a guy of Doug’s stature would appreciate our pizzas. He’s a Minnesota-based six-time James Beard semi-finalist chef who owned renowned South Minneapolis restaurant Piccolo and is executive chef at the Walker Art Center’s Esker Grove. He joined forces with his wife Amy to bring a twist to everyday eats at their restaurant Sandcastle on Lake Nokomis, and they just announced the opening of Bull’s Horn Food & Drink, a (new) classic bar just up the road from Sandcastle.

We met Doug and a great friendship started. At this time, Doug was simplifying his life and food, returning to his small-town Minnesota upbringing as new influence in the kitchen. We talked more, and we both thought it would be cool to put our passions together to create some pizzas and see what would come out of it.

Through the process, we kept realizing that Doug and we shared a lot of the same values: Don’t cut corners, set the bar high, and sweat the small stuff. Details matter, the extra steps make it better. Work with your hands and be proud about what you put together.

Our goal was to make not only a delicious pizza but also connect to good memories with every bite. We worked on them until they were as good as we could get them. We had to. Our fans' expectations are high, and we want to earn their loyalty every day. That’s the way it should be. The team is proud of these new pies - our creations for you.

With these new flavors and through the partnership with Flicker, Heggies is creating new shared memories and experiences, all around a pizza, of course.

And there’s more to come.

Sloppy Joe

A play on childhood nostalgia that brings with it memories and an instant familiarity for old and young fans alike. Close your eyes and do some reflectin’.

El Jefe

The boss of Mexican pizzas. A hint of spice, the complexity of chorizo, and flavors that bring to life Mexican food… on a pizza.