There's a reason people talk about our pizza

28 years in, our pizzas are still handmade with the freshest and best ingredients we can find. It’s nothing fancy – just great pizza. People love the taste so much, they’ve been known to chase down our delivery trucks to find out where they can get them!

Everybody’s got a ‘Heggies Moment’

From fishing openers to snowmobile trips to late nights in bars with friends, people share good times over a Heggies Pizza. There's nothing like good friends, a cold drink and hot pizza fresh out of the oven. That's what Heggies Pizza is all about. #HeggiesTogether.

It all started in a two-stall garage

Our founders set up shop in a small town in northern Minnesota, making thin crust pizzas by hand and freezing them for local resort owners – and a tradition was born. Though we are a bit bigger today, we are still driven by the same values: stay humble, stay authentic, and take care of our customers.

We will always find ways to give back

While we put our hearts into making great pizza, we also care a lot about our communities. Whether it is helping schools and communities through fundraisers or showing up at the right time with pizza and a round to help make someone’s day, we will always strive to give back.