How it works

  1. Contact us to set up your fundraising account

    Call us at 1-320-982-7777 ext. 107, or click on Get Started to submit your request online.

  2. We’ll follow up to set a delivery date/time and location

    Please note, delivery cannot be made to a residence.

  3. Take orders and collect funds

    We can provide a Microsoft Excel order form if you want one. Just add your group’s name and selling prices! Have checks made out to your organization.

  4. Send in your total order

    We need the total order 2 weeks before your delivery date. Submit your order with an online code or email us your order at

  5. Delivery takes place

    Please count your order with the driver to insure all of your product is there. Provide your driver with a check and then deliver to your hungry friends.

  6. Use your sale profits to fund your group’s activities!


Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to a few of the questions we get most often about fundraising with Heggies Pizza. If you have other questions, please Contact Us. We’re happy to answer them!

Who can have a Heggies Pizza fundraiser?

You! We support a variety of activities and causes and we’d love to help yours.

How many times can I have a Heggies Pizza fundraiser each year?

As many as you’d like! We typically have groups that range from annually to quarterly.

Where should I have my pizzas delivered?

Anywhere but a residence. Past fundraiser deliveries have gone to places like schools, parks and churches.

How much will I make?

This one is up to you. Since you choose the price, you’ll choose your profit. We constantly hear people say Heggies was the most profitable fundraiser they've ever done.

What method of payment is preferred?

COD is required at delivery or a check should be sent before you receive your product.

Is this a different quality of pizza?

No. It's the same great pizza we serve in bars, restaurants and stores across the Midwest.

What price should I charge?

It’s absolutely up to you! We’ve seen that keeping your price close to retailers in your area is a great way to provide the best value to your customers and sell the most pizzas. We are happy to help with recommendations to make sure you create good value for your customers.