Fundraise with Heggies

Thanks for considering Heggies Pizza for your fundraiser! We’ve taken great pride in offering one of Minnesota’s favorite pizzas to friends and neighbors for the great causes they support. Selling Heggies Pizza can be an easy, fun and rewarding way to raise money!


How It Works
Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Heggies?

We’re a Minnesota company and we’re proud to help our community

We’ve been in the business of making Minnesotans happy with our pizzas for over 25 years.

People like pizza and they LOVE Heggies, so it’s an easy sale!

Did you know that 93% of people eat pizza at least once a month? That means 93% of your friends will want to help your cause.

What makes it different?

Fundraising with Heggies is quick and simple. There are no catalogs or complicated order forms – just great pizza that friends know and love.

You can set the selling price. That means you’re in control of how much profit you make for your organization. Not sure what to charge? Check out our FAQs.

You’re supporting a local business. When you choose to fundraise with Heggies, not only are you supporting your organization – you are also choosing ‘Minnesota-made.’